Download Urbana 12 Seminar Audios

Featured Audios from select Urbana 12 Seminars are posted online for you to listen to via a desktop browser. Direct links to MP3 audios listed below so you can download these to your iPod or MP3 player.

December 28th

Thinking Theologically about Immigration
by Lisa Sharon Harper & Matthew Soerens

Exploring Cultural Assumptions
by Sheryl Silzer

Politics, Why bother?!
by Ram Gidoomal

Spiritual Warfare and Mission
by Jack and Mary Ann Voelkel

What it Takes to Transform a City
by Randy White

December 29th

A Christian Response to Homosexuality
by Christopher Yuan & Angela Yuan

Ethnicity and Prayer
by Barbara Brown & Brenda Wong


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Why 7 nursing students are going to Urbana 12

NCF is Nurses Christian Fellowship. This is excerpted from Why NCF Students are Going to Urbana 12 — 7 reasons they’re going —

  1. … to become fully immersed in Christ’s message and learn how to relay that mission to the world. …
  2. I am very interested in medical missions and want to piece together my faith and my career as one …
  3. I heard from others that Urbana is an excellent conference to challenge Christ-followers to have a more global, Christ-centered perspective …
  4. As a nursing student, my heart is to serve the Lord and help people in other nations so I’m looking forward to the mission component of this conference…
  5. I have a passion for other cultures and feel God calling me to consider international missions as my future…
  6. As a soon-to-be college graduate, I need direction in how I can better serve and commit to God’s calling and use my career to honor Christ …
  7. I aspire to be a missionary nurse and use my clinical skills and knowledge however and wherever God leads me. . . I want more exposure to global realities, especially about healthcare. …

Read the entire post “Why NCF Students are Going to Urbana 12” >>

Cindy from UC Davis is going to Urbana 12

Cindy Jeu is a pre-nursing student at the University of California Davis and blogging about her plans to go to Urbana 12 at — Cindy described Urbana 12 as: “… an opportunity for me to teach the next generation what I will learn from Urbana and invite them to take part in telling God’s story.” And these are her goals:

To bring back the idea of a Global God. He is not just a God of a select few, but He is a powerful God that is able to move the hearts of all the nations. I want to “lead my generation to give their whole lives for God’s global mission,” and be able to teach our kids that God is not just limited in the community or culture they are in but his love stretches to the far depths of this world. I want to grow further and deeper in love with Christ as we all should, and be able to share this love to everyone (especially my youth group) long after Urbana 2012 has ended.

“The Urbana conference is one of those events that a majority of us either experience or hear of at one point or another in our spiritual journey. Many of us have either heard of amazing experiences or testimonies from there, or have gone there ourselves. Particularly in the Asian American Christian community of college fellowships, it’s almost impossible to go through college without at least having heard of its impact. In that sense, the conference is almost a shared experience — a shared milestone for many of us.

Because of Urbana’s prevalence in many of our lives, INHERITANCE magazine has teamed up with partners and co-workers from Urbana 2012 for this issue. Dedicated to the topics that Urbana espouses, such as missions and ministry mobilization, we’ve combined writers working with Urbana and INHERITANCE to contribute to this special edition.”

Read all about INHERITANCE Magazine’s special issue: Urbana is Coming

Hayley is Going to Urbana 12

I remember when I registered, wow, way back in May. I really hadn’t the faintest idea what I was signing up for, but I had seen my father’s Urbana booklet from the eighties, and I had watched Sunder Krishnan’s “Pray Big and Pray Bold” talk, and I had heard that Urbana promo video five-hundred-million times, and I knew it was going to be awesome. Zoom forward through a trip to Europe, summertime, and a few months of school and already it’s Christmastime. Urbana is just a month away.
And I think I’m all set. … I’ve plotted the subway route, I’ve registered for the International Students track (though I’m still dabbling a bit with the Urban Poverty track, ugh, so hard to decide!), I’ve researched where to eat lunch in St. Louis. (Apparently there’s this thing called gooey butter cake . . . which I am definitely not going to eat.)
I’m still reading through the gospel of Luke. (And it’s blowing my mind.) I’m still researching the seminars. (Which all sound fabulous.) I’m still exploring the list of exhibitors. (And boy, is it a long list.)
… I am also hopeful that I will find opportunity at Urbana. In six months I will have an open docket, a year to spend before I continue with “the plan.” (That is open to revision.)